Hello World, Hoot!!

Have you ever wondered what baby dragons, griffins, or phoenixes look like? Well, wonder no more because the Baby Bestiary is here to satisfy your curiosity! (And no, they don't just look like tiny versions of their adult counterparts. They're way cuter!)

What is the Baby Bestiary?

The Baby Bestiary is a project created by Andreas Walters and published by Metal Weave Games, dedicated to showcasing adorable baby versions of the most fearsome creatures from our favorite fantasy lore. From baby bulettes to baby hydras, you will find this place to be treasure trove of cuteness and inspiration to bringing these adorable little critters into your campaigns.

Why the Baby Bestiary Website?

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Baby Bestiary, we decided it was time for these adorable creatures to have a home of their own. (Because let's face it, they deserve their own spotlight!) This website will serve as a hub for all things Baby Bestiary, including new projects, products and updates. (Get ready for a whole lot of "aww" moments!) (we'll even have our own newsletter!)

Join Us on this Journey!

We wouldn't have been able to get to this point without your support!!  We invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we continue to spread joy and cuteness into the world and into your campaigns.

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