Planning our 10 Year Anniversary 🎉

Planning our 10 Year Anniversary 🎉

Hey Caretakers!

It’s been a crazy and wild ride since we started with the Baby Bestiary, and we’re thrilled to announce that next year will mark our 10th year anniversary of the first Baby Bestiary being published! Over the past decade, we’ve released two handbooks (now on our 5th reprint), created nine years of amazing calendars (soon to be ten), developed cool supplements, pins, stickers, plushes, and much more!

As we approach this milestone, we want to make our anniversary celebration special and memorable. That’s where you come in! We’d love to hear your ideas and get your input on how to celebrate this momentous occasion. Here are a few thoughts we’ve been considering:

Anniversary Celebration Ideas

  • Baby Bestiary Anniversary Edition: We’re thinking about combining Baby Bestiary 1 & 2 into a single volume, complete with some edits, and presenting it in a luxurious slipcase with a leather cover. However, we realize this might not offer much to fans who already own the books.
  • Expanded Books: In addition to any interior revisions, we could add a few more creatures to the books. This would balance the page lengths between the two volumes. As a special treat, you’d receive this as part of a PDF update.
  • Volume 3? We often get asked about a third volume, but we’ve pretty much exhausted the list of popular creatures. However, there are probably a handful of new creatures we could add, and we could take this opportunity to create a few original ones.
  • 10-Year Anniversary Calendar: This is happening anyway, but as our 10th calendar, we want to make it extra special. We’re already working with the amazing artist Selustials to bring an incredible concept to life. Be sure to follow the progress of the 2025 calendar!

Share Your Ideas!

Aside from a new book or adding more creatures, we’re curious about what you would like to see. Do you have other ideas for celebrating our 10-year anniversary? Whether it’s special events, new products, or something entirely different, we want to hear from you!

Your support and enthusiasm have made the Baby Bestiary what it is today. As we look forward to the next decade of amazing things to be made. Let us know what you want to see so we can celebrate together!!


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Thank you for being part of this incredible journey. We can’t wait to hear your ideas and see where the next 10 years takes us!

Caretaker Andreas

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