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Enhance your adventures with the aid of these stupendous supplements. Bring the joy of the Baby Bestiary, or the dread of Ember to your home game, and prepare to amuse and amaze your players. These guides make the perfect companions to our lore books, enabling a GM to create wondrous tails and adventures unlike anything else – all with the latest system rules to support you along the way.

Check out the links below to create the adorable/dreadful campaign of your dreams!

Supplements (35)





Baby Bestiary: Beast Companion (5e)


Baby Bestiary: Caretaker Warlock (5e)


Hyper Light Drifter: Combat Boards


Embers: System Companion (5e)


Teacup Dragon Care Guide


Embers: System Companion (SotDL)


Who’ll Let The Dogs Out?


Atlas Animalia: Player Options (D&D 5e)


Naval Perils


Atlas Creature Deck


Baby Bestiary VTT Tokens by Conceptopolis


Animon: Ani-Thology


Baby Bestiary VTT Tokens by Epic Isometric